Past exhibitions

Knotted floral brooch workshop with Vicki Mason

April 2024

Make yourself a fun and unique floral inspired brooch through learning how to hand knot into perforated plastic canvas. Plan your design using colour palettes and combinations of fibres and then sew in a pre-fabricated brooch pin.

Wear and share your beautiful creation with the world.
No prior jewellery making experience is required.

Canopy - Jewellery by Vicki Mason

March 2024

This new body of work seeks to draw attention to a future trajectory of life under climbing temperatures where large canopy trees cease to exist in the suburban landscape.

Reliquae - Sculpture by Jock Clutterbuck and Trefor Prest

April 2023

Opus30 presented the masterful and extraordinary work of two distinguished sculptors –   Jock Clutterbuck and Trefor Prest.  Reliquae was opened by art historian Dr. Sheridan Palmer. Jock Clutterbuck is also represented in Melbourne and Sydney by Australian Galleries.


ARID - Photography by Christopher Sanders

March 2023

South Australia is the driest state of the driest inhabited continent in the world. Arid fittingly describes the vast mountain chain situated in the north eastern part of South Australia – a place of grand visual splendour, changing mood and shifting landscapes.  This remote region of S.A. holds many culturally significant and sensitive sites, is part of land belonging to the Adnyamathanha people, and includes the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park and the Vulkathunha- Gammon Ranges National Park. Over a two year period, Christopher Sanders has explored and photographed the Adnymathanha country, beautifully capturing ancient and mystical sites of the Warren Gorge, Arkaroola, and the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges. Opus30 was proud to present a collection of stunning photographs by Christopher Sanders.

Christmas exhibition

December 2022

An exhibition of selected  work by  Joungmee Do; Daehoon Kang; Beatrice Schlabowsky; Roseanne Bartley; Vicki Mason; Wayne Guest; Mary Taguchi; Sandy Lockwood; Terence Bogue; Jane Sawyer; Simon Lloyd; Liz Williamson; Neil Hoffman; Prue Venables and Nuno. Image: Brooch by Joungmee Do. 


October 2022

The exhibition entitled ‘Confluence’ will display work by Wayne Guest, Simon Lloyd, Vicki Mason, Nick Mount, Beatrice Schlabowsky and Prue Venables and their adventures across materials.

Contemporary craft practice often demonstrates skilled focus on a singular medium. Lifetime building of knowledge and understanding of one material encompasses history, technique, nuances, spirit, assumptions, and comprehension alongside general understandings of sculptural elements such as line, form, space and time. The drawing in of a second or third material to the work opens new doors of possibility. Sometimes it merely extends the limits of the original substance. For example, objects in porcelain and glass hampered by the risks and impossibilities of kiln firing and annealing can now be extended out into space through the addition of other materials such as metal and wood. Thread and textile additions to hard edged metal add a tactile softness, colour and texture otherwise impossible to achieve. The firing of glass enamels onto the surface of metal extends possibilities of colour and invention.

Such developments also bring learning challenges where former adept experience and knowledge is confronted by new techniques and materials. Through new modes of working, play and experimentation, a world of the unfamiliar and the unaccustomed is entered. 

Image: work in glass, metal and wood by Nick Mount.

Photographs by Terence Bogue

July 2022

An exhibition of photographs by Terence Bogue

Terence Bogue - Photography
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